What is essential in a thoughtful transition plan to live a purpose-filled life?

  • Understand and embrace change for a meaningful and productive shift
  • Revitalize your abilities to transform your new work situation
  • Successfully address professional and personal challenges and set realistic expectations of yourself and others

I have assisted clients stepping into new positions, often in new cities, to identify and effectively market their skills and talents in the work search process. I have also guided many organizational leaders to successfully and thoughtfully transition from their positions and support their team to create opportunities for a new leader.


I found Linda after searching for a career coach for over a year and being unable to find someone who had an intersectional lens and a crystal clear understanding of equity and oppression. Linda understands personally what it means to be both a creative person and a person committed to social justice, and she has supported me to move from a point of total uncertainty in both my career and life to clarity in my skills, purpose, and what brings me joy. From our initial consultation, I was began taking concrete steps to move out of the lost place I had been in for years prior, and over the course of 5 months Linda guided me toward a full life I didn’t imagine possible. Linda’s varied professional background makes her excellent at giving feedback, offering innovative approaches to cut cut through common stories I tell myself and create a new narrative, and shift my focus to pinpoint the details I had dismissed in order to uncover a new trajectory for my life and work.

Dalia Rubiano Yedidia, organizer and non-profit worker

Working with Linda helped me become unstuck from negative thinking and the pull of taking so-called “safe” career paths. She helped me see how following my passion, although scary, is doable, deeply fulfilling and a happier path. I couldn’t have made the shift without her.

Tammy JohnsonConsultant, Co-founderArt/Work Practice, LLC
  • COVID-19 is impacting your income and you need other work
  • You want a different work situation to increase your fulfillment
  • You are ready to transition from one capacity to another
  • You want to use your talents in an environment that supports you
  • You are ready to reclaim your purpose and what drives you
  • You are determined to find out about your potential
  • You believe in lifelong learning

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