With 20 years of coaching, consulting, and training diverse individuals and groups in the philanthropic, non-profit, social justice, and educational arenas, I bring a wealth of engaging, relevant views on areas of our lives that impact our well being and capacity to weather life’s challenges that can be tailored to any audience.

Partial List of Speaking Topics

Embracing Your Body of Life

See your life as having the space and time to encompass your purpose and passions throughout your lifetime. What happens when we stop thinking one person, job, home, car, educational achievement, or external recognition will fulfill our lives?

The Imposter Syndrome

Fake…Poser…Imposter… These words can be found lurking in the corners of our minds. The imposter syndrome is tough to release and can be shrunk to a breeze that comes and goes. We can always give ourselves another chance and “failing” is how we have learned since birth.

Being Nice vs Being Kind

Knowing the difference between nice and kind is fundamental to fostering personal authenticity and honest, meaningful interactions with others. Nice and kind are often thought to be exactly the same thing, but they are significantly different in intention.

Acting Your Age: How to Grow up on Multiple Dimensions

Most of us think of ourselves as being our biological age. We are, in fact, a multitude of ages in key dimensions such as creativity, spirituality, intelligence, emotional literacy, and sexuality. What can you do to truly “act your age”?

Transition Time: Accepting Time on its Terms

Become aware of the invisible lines that exist in between our calendar of tasks, appointments, and events. Understanding how to consciously use transition time will bring realistic planning and ease to our lives.

Understanding Your Friendship Paradigm

Because of the amazing potential of friendship, it is important to step back and consider this often unexplored aspect of our lives. Consider your own friendship paradigm and how to live with more intent in this critical area.

Rest: What is it Good For?

The body needs rest to repair and replenish, the mind needs it to access creativity, and the soul needs it to cultivate peace. Committing to a consistent relationship with rest recalibrates our balance and efficiency.

True Prosperity with Money

Understanding what underlies our uncomfortable relationship with money and therefore wealth can nourish our lives and break through old thinking that limits our prosperity. Money is a vehicle for getting our needs met and can be a powerful energy to support our aspirations.