It is extremely difficult to find self-help/leadership books specifically for people of color and this book is a welcome addition. Linda goes much deeper than the typical work harder/take more risks/listen to your gut type of advice and takes into account the inequities, prejudices, and exhaustion that people of color are constantly experiencing as they try to live full lives. Every part of her book reflects this – but without getting mired down in the hopelessness of it. She offers clear, actionable advice and exercises that anyone can do, and you’ll come out with more clarity about yourself, feeling more grounded in what you want, and inspired to keep going.

It’s written in a friendly, conversational style and it’s pretty short (130 pgs). This is a big plus for people who want something user-friendly. It’s also easy to use as a group or with a friend.

Priscilla HungCo-Director of Move to End Violence at The Raben Group