Working with Linda helped me become unstuck from negative thinking and the pull of taking so-called “safe” career paths. She helped me see how following my passion, although scary, is doable, deeply fulfilling and a happier path. I couldn’t have made the shift without her.
Tammy JohnsonConsultant, Co-founderArt/Work Practice, LLC

Book Reviews: Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling

Linda Gonzalez’ book offers sound and practical advice on how to live our best life. Each chapter provides inspiration and opportunities to explore how our multiple identities affect how we are treated, and how we treat others. Faking it ’til we make it or learning to lean in aren’t likely the strategies that best serve us as BIPOC. Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling will help you create a roadmap for a career and a personal life that is rewarding and joyful.
Irma HerreraWriter. Performer. Social Activista

Book reviews: The Cost of our Lives

A moving family story that reveals universal truths. Linda deftly intertwines the stories of her father’s two families: one known to her, one kept secret for much of her life. As González seeks to connect with her lost siblings, she uncovers more and more family secrets—and learns to confront the silences inside her own psyche as well. This grand drama of a family tale is a regalo to us all, gifting us with its tenderness, struggle, and full-hearted path toward love and reconciliation.

Public Speaking

Linda González spoke at Mission College on Cross cultural solidarity and about the life and lessons of César Chavez.  Linda is a dynamic speaker with an expertise in supporting BIPOC (Black, Indegenous, and People of Color) and other underrepresented communities.  Linda is also very knowledgeable on social justice issues and provided great depth to the conversation on racial equity. In addition, she provided a calm meditation which helped the audience to be focused and engaged. I would definitely recommend Linda for your next speaking engagement.
Veronica Mendoza HandMission College Counselor Faculty
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