A friend recommended Linda to me for 1-on-1 coaching to support my leadership and help me get clarity on my leadership goals. It was a great decision! She has been indispensable in helping me show up as a better leader and helping me unravel the different layers of my experiences so I can better understand what’s happening and how I want to respond. Linda is responsive, incisive, and supportive. I highly recommend her.

Book Reviews: Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling

As I read your book, I wondered why I didn’t start sooner. It’s so me and my situation. I don’t have to translate my experience as I do with other motivation/self-help books. It is healing the “now” and the “then” together. It helps so much to have this book to guide me.
Lorena PeñaCoaching client

Book reviews: The Cost of our Lives

The Cost of Our Lives is an immigrant daughter’s compassionate exploration of complicated inheritances. Using archival records and oral histories with her Colombian-Mexican family, Linda González untangles los engaños and the silences of her childhood to ultimately create a moving portrait of the complex family relations that shape a woman’s life.

Public Speaking

Linda González spoke at Mission College on Cross cultural solidarity and about the life and lessons of César Chavez.  Linda is a dynamic speaker with an expertise in supporting BIPOC (Black, Indegenous, and People of Color) and other underrepresented communities.  Linda is also very knowledgeable on social justice issues and provided great depth to the conversation on racial equity. In addition, she provided a calm meditation which helped the audience to be focused and engaged. I would definitely recommend Linda for your next speaking engagement.
Veronica Mendoza HandMission College Counselor Faculty