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“Antiracism work that does not break the heart open cannot move people toward meaningful change.” Layla F. Saad, Me and White Supremacy

I am a bilingual consultant, coach, writer/editor, and small business strategist with a focus on liberatory practices and multicultural wisdom. People who value equity, sustainability, and positive social impact hire me to embark on their unique journey of love and healing for this and future generations.

Underlying all my work is a focus on racial justice and systemic change through collaborative, interactive processes that address dynamics of power, intersectionality, and different work approaches.

My MSW is from the University of Southern California, my MFA in Creative Writing is from Goddard College, and my BA is from Stanford University.

I was raised by my parents in Los Angeles, my father from México and my mother from Colombia. My father’s greatest gift to me was discipline and my mother’s was humor, and I use both to support my clients through daily personal and societal inequities to find joy and sustenance.