My coaching relationships are based on a thoughtful, motivating agreement developed with a client’s goals and vision at the center. It builds on existing skills to resolve challenges, access internal and external resources, and develop consistent life-long habits.

My coaching approach is based on:

  • inquiry-based, client-centered models
  • social justice and racial equity values
  • body, mind, & spirit integration, and
  • liberatory life lessons

Given the persistence of interpersonal biases, racist policies, and glass ceilings, I explore strengths and challenges through an intersectional equity lens. I love partnering with courageous, passionate people who are ready to commit to their precious health and life goals.

My book Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling is based on my years of coaching, knowing personally, and working with BIPOC. As a woman of color, I share my own experiences as well in embracing a full-hearted life despite external glass ceilings we can easily internalize.

I use a systems approach to my coaching, seeing clients in multiple dimensions of themselves (body, mind, spirit) and their status in the external world (work, family, neighborhood, society, etc.) I engage in building trust and delving into feelings and well-being to balance the dominant culture overvaluing of thinking and doing. My focus is to connect clients to their inner wisdom and explore what daily practices they can add to tend to multiple aspects of their health – mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical.

Do less, be more, breathe. Permission to “skip a beat” and be kind to yourself and others. Contact me via Calendly for a 20-minute complimentary coaching session to experience the gift of coaching.

How I Can Assist You

  • Hope and excitement about achieving your significant personal and professional goals.
  • Feedback on options with a fresh, seasoned perspective.
  • Ongoing support and an accountability process that works with your strengths.

How it Works

  • We schedule an initial meeting where a contract is developed with your goals, vision, a feedback process and the best times to speak.
  • The phone or video program sessions focus on timely issues so you reach your goals and aspirations.

It is an honor to be on the roster of coaches used by LeaderSpring Center,  and Windcall Residency Program.

While I provide coaching that is tailored to each person, clients often require assistance in the following areas:


I got to work with Linda as a coach through the Windcall program and she was just the right match for me. Linda is thorough, excellent at getting to root causes of issues, and deeply committed to unveiling power within her clients. I felt seen, supported, and able to quickly move both technical and emotional blocks to my work out of the way, and drop into deeply purposeful work. I recommend her for folks who are ready to do some focused work towards their joy.
Adrienne Marie BrownWriter and Organizational Healer
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