Struggling to identify and access your internal resources?
Are your equity-based goals and vision being overrun by seemingly endless crises?
Seeking a flexible, consistent approach to support your well-being habits?

My integrative approach can bring you the answers you seek through:

    • inquiry-based, client-centered models
    • social justice and racial equity values
    • body, mind, & spirit integration, and
    • liberatory life lessons

Do less, be more, breathe.

Your coaching package includes my book Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling,  based on my years of coaching, knowing personally, and working with BIPOC, women, and other under-resourced people to embrace a full-hearted life despite external glass ceilings we can easily internalize.

Do you want…

  • Hope and excitement about achieving your significant personal and professional goals.
  • Feedback on options with a fresh, seasoned perspective.
  • Ongoing support and an accountability process that works with your strengths.

Contact me via Calendly for a 20-minute complimentary coaching session and ask all your questions afterward, including package fees and my coaching process.

It is an honor to be on the roster of coaches used by LeaderSpring Center and Community Change.


Ms Linda walks a dynamic line between being intentional and flexible as a coach that keeps our sessions together both evocative and effective. I am extremely grateful for her guidance. If you are in need of inspiration and motivation to accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible, then hire Linda immediately!