How does writing fit into your overall life as your non-negotiable gift to the world?

  • Find achievable, heart-driven goals that include both writing and marketing
  • Connect platform building to a bigger vision of equity and paying it forward

I can assist you to unearth the story you want to tell using a specific framework that has assisted many writers to hone in on the core of their work.  My other focus is guiding writers to understand your long-term ‘body of work’ and develop an organizational path to suit your style and goals.

When I see writers I have coached following their unique paths and being published, it reminds me how coaching changes individual lives that then make a greater impact in the world.


In Linda I found a skilled, creative and compassionate teacher who consistently challenged me to think beyond my initial storyline. With reflective questions and a great sense of humor she provided me with the necessary writing skills to make my story come to life and made it fun to continue writing. Overall, working with Linda helped me to put my Spanglish thoughts, feelings and experiences on paper without apology and I am very grateful for the gifts she shares with others through her courses and workshops! – Laura

I was working on a multi-year writing project and hired Linda to coach me, as I hit some obstacles with time and focus. She was incredibly creative and astute in her observations and directions. One of the exercises that she gave me I have adapted to other areas of my life and still use today with great results! Oh, and my writing project is now complete and published.  – Daisy Hernández

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