Are you struggling to work reasonable hours in an environment that supports you?

Do you still believe more effort will eliminate racism and sexism?

Discover and commit to sustainable, kind practices in this online course based on Section 1 & 2 of my book Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling

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Group coaching sessions are available for your team, colleagues, or friends!

Are you…

      • Frustrated by not using your preferred talents?
      • Discouraged by the lack of true commitment to equity in your workplace?
      • Yearning to be in a learning environment?
      • Ready to claim your purpose?

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After completing the course, I feel like I was handed the keys to career success. I learned not only how to recognize and apply my current skills in resume creation and interviewing, but how to understand personality traits and preferences and to recognize the work environments where I will be most productive and content. Linda’s course is superbly organized and will be helpful not just one time, but as an invaluable resource when changing jobs or evaluating a career path. 
One great aspect of the course is the non-linear structure of the modules. They are repeatable and can be used independently of each other or together to refine a particular skill or provide suggestions on career moves. I found myself going back again and again and discovering new information that allowed me to explore fields I hadn’t thought of before. The course, coupled with coaching, truly gave me a sense of freedom and confidence in the work field that I had never imagined I could enjoy. Job hunting and interviewing are exciting now!
The purpose statement assignment was key for me as I came around to realize I wanted to build on my experience and continue to be part of my professional “community” but in a way that would work better with our family. The H.O.T.S work style approaches was very informative.  I also used the resume prep checklist and template to improve my resume and LinkedIn profile.
With Linda’s expertise and unfailing encouragement, I was able to transform from a shy and confused candidate to a great interviewer! I discovered the best career fields for my abilities and interests while learning how to transform my resume into a powerful tool for interviews. Linda truly changed my life, teaching me a positive and effective way to view work and human relationships.