Have you found that vision boards and meditation aren’t quite managing a white supremacy culture?

Find yourself thinking “If I just tried a little harder or had better time management skills?”

If you are ready for a full-hearted breakthrough, this book can be your daily guide and inspiration. AUDIOBOOK is now available!

Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling offers prosperity practices to address power dynamics faced by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and other underrepresented communities. You can begin today to identify and uproot unhealthy patterns and replace them with consistent thoughts and behaviors to embrace a full-hearted life—even in environments that do not support your well-being. This book rejects the “one size fits all” approach to career development and self-care that leads people to internalize their own glass ceiling.

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“Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling” confirms that Linda González is to women of color what Brene Brown is to everyone else. With keen insights into personal habits as well as societal and racial roadblocks that hinder professional growth, this book helps the reader to set a new course. It is as practical and accessible as it is challenging and thought-provoking. Although anyone and everyone looking for personal and professional growth should read this book, it is not comprised of clichés and generalizations. There is something personal, unique, and thought-provoking about each chapter, setting it apart from traditional self-help books. The fact that it often speaks specifically to the personal and professional needs of women of color is an absolute game changer!

-Paula Farmer, Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee, CALIBA (California Association of Independent Booksellers Association)

Linda Gonzalez’ book offers sound and practical advice on how to live our best life. Each chapter provides inspiration and opportunities to explore how our multiple identities affect how we are treated, and how we treat others. Faking it ’til we make it or learning to lean in aren’t likely the strategies that best serve us as BIPOC. Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling will help you create a road map for a career and a personal life that is rewarding and joyful.

-Irma Herrera, Writer. Performer. Social Activista.